Yesterday I was down at the Kokanee Edmonton Canada Cup start/finish line to put on a pre-event we’d planned to help hype up this weekend’s race. In partnership with Barry from Specialized Bikes, we hosted a demo ride and wheelie competition! Yup, a wheelie competition. Thank fully, despite threats all day to pour yet again, the rains held off and we had a pretty good turn out. Local media from CBC Sports, the Edmonton Journal, Vue mag and CJSR were all there to try out the new Specialized bikes and help us get the word out.

For the wheelie competition, in the end, I was surprised how many riders showed up. We had enough that we decided to run some heats, holding a qualifier round in waves. Once we’d established who really had game, we still had 5 contenders. After 2 more rounds, one requiring a slalom, it ended up pretty close, but it was Felix from Cyclemeisters – Team Bow Cycle in Calgary who took away this year’s Championship, and all the glory!

The Kokanee Edmonton Canada Cup is this weekend, Saturday July 23!