Ever since the New Year, I have embarked on a new type of training… A secret type of training… Untraining.

The secret of untraining is not to simply stop training… That would be to easy. Rather, the secret lies in the delicate balance of attempting to valiantly uphold your training goals while admittedly allowing other priorities to trump your time on the bike.

Now. Read that sentence again… It’s important ;-)

There are always going to be times when life trumps cycling. Sometimes it’s a weekend. Sometimes it’s a week. Sometimes it’s a season. It happens. It’s been happening to me… The important thing I’ve found is not to dwell on the fact that your not riding, but rather to really enjoy the times that you do.

I’ve found the key to managing is not to completely disregard your training goals and toss your hands up in frustration, you simply need to modulate your goals accordingly.

This summer, my “A” race was going to be the Furious 3. After putting in a pretty good showing at the TR3 last year (29th), I had grand plans for smashing Fernie into submission. But, as winter turned to spring, and spring to summer, it was apparent that the only thing likely to be *smashed* was me…

Now, with that said, it’s not like I haven’t been on the bike… I have. I’ve been commuting to work everyday and even squeezing in a ride here and there on the weekend. I’ve been *riding*, but I wouldn’t call it *training* – At least not the way I had hoped to be training.

Initially I pondered selling my registration… But I knew that was something that I would regret – Especially since I had no other big riding on the calendar for the summer. Rather I simply re-calibrated my goals a wee bit. Rather than *smashing* things in Fernie, I think I’ll now be content to finish in the top of the bottom 1/3. I wish it were otherwise, and maybe I’ll surprise myself. But probably not. There’s no point in setting an unrealistic goal and frustrating myself.

Now – Coming back to untraining… As I mentioned, during the untraining period, it’s still important to reach for those initial goals and train as much as your other priorities will allow… There will come a time (at least I’m cautiously optimistic there will) when the stars will align and life will once again balance itself in a way that rather than having all your other priorities trump your time on the bike, that time will become a priority once again.

You need to be ready. I know I will be.