As some of you may know, bikeridr dabbles in film making from time to time. I think one of our very first posts was actually a film we made riding in Kananaskis. Good times. Of course, we’ve made others since, including the 2010 Transrockies series, Cowbell and most recently, Rouler. None of these are meant to be taken too seriously, but we have fun making them and we’ve always got more short film projects in the works so I’d like to start featuring yet unknown, burgeoning musical talent. So, if you’re a recorded musician looking for ways to get your music out, and want to have it in an upcoming bikeridr film, let us know. If we like what we hear, we’ll use it, and give you due credit. Now, we’re not offering any cash here – just some good karma and a chance to lend your music to some grass-roots indie films that celebrate cycling culture. Shoot me an email at: