It’s June already! Hard to believe given the late start to the riding and racing season we’ve had around here. But,  June has finally arrived, and so far it’s pegged to bring warmer temps and sun, at least for the next little while. June, of course, is also BIKE MONTH! Wooo Hooo! Maybe you’ve seen the signs that have gone up around the city and taken note. But, Bike Month is about way more than just the city recognizing our two-wheeled mode of personal transportation – it’s about coming together as a cycling culture, and celebrating the bike, and the strength it brings our city’s sense of community.

Be sure to check out the Bikeology website to find out about all the great things going on around town this month. There is everything from film festivals, to urban forest rides, and a commuter race! Ken may be giving legs shaving clinics for all you hardcore racers :-)

You can also check out useful Edmonton cycling information here on the City of Edmonton website.

Keep riding!