Always one to enjoy a good bike film, I wanted to highlight the series of short web-films from Rapha about their own 2011 Tour of California experience. Of course, Rapha, already being known for their unique style, these short films don’t disappoint, offering an effective blend of both an amateur-esque, behind-the-scenes quality, which makes them affably resonant to riders like you and me, as well as a level of polish that we’d expect. Tasteful product shots, Rapha Continental Team member (incl. Tim Johnson) interviews and candid moments, plus sweeping panoramic shots all come together into a celebration of cycling, and one very entertaining series of short films.

The films not only make me want to go ride, but ride with them, and in California!  I immediately find myself wondering how I can turn a trip like that into reality – maybe next year, Ken?! I hope the State of California gave Droptree Productions and Rapha a kickback of some kind for making these films, because they’re not just bike ads – they are also great tourism ads.

View all the films here. Also check out the accompanying blog posts, root maps and photo galleries.