Up here in the frosty north we’ve already been seeing the fallout of our long and inhospitible winter… With the first 4 races on the calendar having been cancelled, getting into a ‘race’ mindset has been difficult. But a glimmer of hope still remains!

Now that the sun has finally shown itself, we can finally start to believe! For us in Calgary, the first race on the books is the Wildcat Roubaix on May 7th.

Set in the picturesque foothills, the Wildcat Roubaix will wind you through either 35 or 50km of broken asphalt, gravel, farm road as well as blissfully smooth tarmac.

To quote the site:

This race, inspired by the history of cyclists riding ordinary bikes during extraordinary circumstances for over 100 years, will celebrate the history of the Roubaix spirit in Europe, and the mountain cycling opportunities that are yet to be tapped.

As for whether to roll on your road or cyclocross bike, the decision is yours, but Dallas has some good tips on the Wildcat Roubaix site, if you’re interested – Otherwise head on over for the tech guide and other details!

See you there!