Potholes galore! I’m not sure what spring is like where you’re from, but if you’re from pretty much anywhere in Canada, spring is messy, gritty, dirty and wet! Toss in about a million potholes that threaten to rattle your vehicle into oblivion, and you’ve got what I consider the worst time of the year. There was a time when I felt spring was the best! It offered the promise of so many good things, like warmer temps, melting snow, green grass, and of course riding season. But, now, although all of those things remain true, I just don’t see spring in the same way. Of course, it’s not quite spring yet here, but we’re starting to see signs of it now with a major melt going on. There is road-sand everywhere, puddles the size of small slews, and potholes big enough to try and swallow the front end of your car. I hit one of them this weekend, and now my car’s alignment is, well, askew… That, or I may have bent a rim. Needless to say, riding outside on our city streets in this kind of muck is not high on my ‘bucket list’. Oh, did I mention we’re expecting one of the worst years for potholes in Edmonton, ever?! Guess we’re just lucky.

I can only imagine what it’d be like to live somewhere where winter as I know it, doesn’t exist. I’d imagine down south, where there is no such thing as snow, and ice, or the need to salt and sand your roads – a place where there was no frost heave, or pot holes, that would be roadie heaven! Here, in Edmonton, I have to hand it to the hardcore roadie, braving the roads we have. Here’s a tip of the chapeau to the Canadian roadie :-) You’re a hardy bunch. And as much as I’m itching to get my road bike out there in the coming weeks, I’ll leave the Canadian version of the Paris Roubaix, the gritty, grumbling, pothole ridden roads to you guys, and join you come summer. In the meantime, here’s hopin’ you keep your head up, and the wheel side down out there.