We all know about the super ‘BIGS’ – Bike Snob NYC, Cycling Tips, The Fat Cyclist (and bikeridr). Those blogs are household names in the bike community – we all read them, and we all love them. So in this post, I wanted to offer some other, somewhat lesser known blogs, that I like and I’ve been following for a while:

  • Transition Bikes Blog
    This is a bike shop blog so it has multiple contributors, providing a variety of voices, and they post often. I like this blog a lot, because the posts are also short, and image heavy, and the content is randomly entertaining to me.
  • Molly Cameron’s Blog:
    Molly Cameron is a veracious, sponsored rider of both road and cyclo-cross, racing in Europe and the US. I find his blog bitingly funny, his advice/opinions useful, and his intense perspective, strangely intriguing.
  • Mud and Cowbells
    I dig this blog because it’s cyclocross focused, and actually this one is quite well-known already. The author, Greg Keller, is totally addicted to CX, races hard, and goes flat out in pretty much all aspects of his life. He’s also a racer, with a regular job, and a family – like me.
  • Rapha Blog
    The style of the blog, the photos, and the videos are always so killer. The cool factor here is dialed right up. They could print complete jiberish for copy and I’d still follow it.

If you’ve got a blog you think I should be reading, shoot it my way.