Film stripIn preparation for the upcoming riding season, I’ve been training hard, sort of… I mentioned a while back that I picked up a new camera, the Canon 60D. This is of course, not a point & shoot video device, so I need to train up on it, and do some playing around to figure it out. Anyway, I thought it’d be a bit of a waste to do all this shooting and then just toss all the footage, so after collecting a good deal of ‘trial and error’ video and images, I decided to use some of it, and have it double as a project for bikeridr – hence, from the cutting room floor, to you is ‘Rouler’.

I got to play around with a lot of things here, with different lenses, focusing and panning techniques, and lighting – not to mention iMovie. Fun stuff! I’m feeling a lot more confortable with the new camera, and hopefully lookin’ forward to a whole new level of bikridr vids for the 2011 season! Being a new dad, it’s hard to say how much time I’ll be in the saddle or racing, vs. behind the lens. Regardless, lookin’ forward to getting out there as soon as the snow melts :)