Okay, so the Tour De France might still be a little ways away, but I don’t know if it’s ever too early to start looking forward to it. I was reminded of this today when TSN announced its new 3-year TDF broadcast deal.

Now, as much as I am excited for Le Tour, and as much as I’m excited that TSN will be offering full-fledged fans like me, full-fledged television coverage, under regular circumstances I’m still not sure I’d actually be watching – at least, not watching it on television. With web viewing options out there, like the Versus Tour Tracker, offering a combination of great race coverage, some interactive customization, and portability, I wouldn’t see myself staying tied to the television when I can watch it on-line while I’m at work, live.

Of course, that being said, watching the TDF on TSN on the big screen and in HD this year sounds pretty cool! So yeah. TSN, count me in!

How do you prefer getting your TDF coverage?