Weeee! Reaching new heights, is not always a good thing… Especially when you’re talking about body weight.

Like last year, I find myself standing on the scale in January staring down at an all time high for me. Discouraging? Yes. Surprising? Not at all. I’ve been slackin’ for months and eating terribly. Well, actually, as a new parent, I shouldn’t go too hard on myself, but that doesn’t change the fact that’s I’ve been off the bike since end of Cross Season  almost completely, and I haven’t been doing anything else to replace it really. Sure, I’ve been getting a token workout in every now and then, a ride here, a ski there, but given the way I’ve been eating, let’s just say, I’m losing the battle of the bulge.

I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t, in a small way, actually excited about the fact that I am once again fatter than I’ve ever been. Why would I be excited about that? Well, for the challenge of battling back! It is a new year, and I’m feeling rejuvenated – ready to get back to a workout routine, and with the temptations of the Holiday Season behind me, I will bring my diet back in line now as well.

Motivation for me is going to be a key factor while my hometown still sits buried under freezing temperatures, snow and ice, not to mention darkness much of the time. So, to combat that and help keep me motivated, I’m going to commit to posting my progress each month publicly, here in the comments section of this post. My starting point is my current weight of 173.4 lbs (15lbs heavier than I was just a few months ago, back in September). And I’ll measure my current level of fitness in watts/kg, which is currently 3.37watts/kg. I’m basing this on a 5 min time interval.

My Goal:

  • Target Weight: 160lbs
  • Target Watts/kg: 4.00watts/kg
  • Target date: June 1, 2011

Feel free to call me out, razz me, and belittle me if I don’t live up to the deal.