After a grand time debutting “Cowbell” last weekend in Edmonton, I had a number of people approach me regarding the possibilities of obtaining a Bikeridr kit… To be honest I had never really thought this blog would gather enough readers passionate enough about it to want to emblazon our logo on their spandexed thighs… Wait… Maybe it doesn’t sound so good now…

All kidding aside it’s a huge compliment that a number of riders out there are willing to don the blue and green to show their support. So with that – We’re bringing a fun new item to the Bikeridr site.. Polls! Who doesn’t love a good poll!?

Topics will likely be broad and diverse, some relating directly to things Sheldon and I are planning, and some just fun (ie. Chamois cream? Yes or No?).

So with that, turn your attention to the sidebar and to start things off let us know if you’d have any interest in getting your hands on a Bikeridr kit. Chances are the design may be tweaked a bit (which we would share with you guys), and if there’s enough interest we will be looking into what everybody would like out of the kit (ie. Just jerseys? Jerseys & bibs? Jerseys, bibs, and Sheldon-scented embrocation?)

Ugh. Yuk. With that I leave you to your day ;-)