Who, at some point, hasn’t wanted to make a movie? Sarns, from Alberta MTB Racing, turned to me this last summer as we drove down to Canmore for XC MTB Nationals, and said, ‘Let’s do it. Let’s do one on cyclocross!’ Sounded like fun to me. We decided to follow four racers for a full season: Mike Sarnecki, Bridget Linder, Jason Redfern and, of course, Ken Hurd – I mean, after all, what’s a Bikeridr film without Ken Hurd?

Other than that though, as it ended up, there was no big plot line, and we just got whatever was shot. I had some lofty goals in the beginning, drafting out a story outline, making lists of the shots and interviews I wanted, and planning to travel and shoot everything myself, but the realities of being a new parent put the brakes on all that pretty quickly. So, I just filmed the local Edmonton stuff, and Mike took the camera to Calgary when he went down. Really, though, we just started handing the cameras (Kodak Playsports) around, and the end result was a broad mix of footage that I was able carve out a solid 30 mins of footage from, capturing the cyclocross scene here in Alberta.

If you’re an Alberta CX racer, there is a good chance you’re in the film somewhere, either rippin’ it up on the course, or maybe just haggin’ out in the background somewhere ringin’ a cowbell. If you were at the premiere at DaCapo on Dec 3rd, you got to see the modestly extended director’s cut (lucky you!). The version here, is slightly more condensed, into three web-isodes. Big thanks to Mike, Jason, Bridget and Ken for being such good sports!

And now for your viewing pleasure…

EP #1 has pre-season racer interviews, talking about goals for the season, and Alberta CX culture. It also includes both the ERTC School of Cross and Hardcore Hop n’ Hurl races.

EP #2 follows our racers as the season gets underway in both Edmonton and Calgary, including the CMC/Bow Cycle Oval Cross, Juventus Jim Horner GP, and Red Bike Red Cross.

EP #3 finishes off with Lion’s Den Provincial Championships in Devon, and the Pedalhead Super Prestige. Did our racer’s seasons pan out the way they wanted? Did they meet their season goals? Watch and find out.

If you have ideas for next year, suggestions for what you want to see in our next CX season film, let us know. Thanks for watching. Keep ridin’!