My wife and I were at a Christmas party last week, with a crowd of pretty fit folks. Everyone there was an athlete of some discipline, be it Tri, MTB, Football, what-have-you… So, of course the conversation came around to workouts, fitness, yadda, yadda, and then my buddy breaks out his laptop and starts passing it around, telling us all about this website, ‘Body Rock TV‘. Of course, at first the men in the room smile and the women groan, but like my buddy and his wife (who both do these workouts daily) say, the obvious visual appeal aside, the workouts are legit! In the wake of what I consider the P90X shock workout training strategy, Zuzana challenges Body Rockers to a new home workout each day.

One of those recent daily challenges was 300 Jump-Lunges, as fast as you can… My buddy Ty did these and immediately tossed me the challenge, ‘There you go, Smart. 300 in 9mins 40 seconds. Beat it!’ No surprise, I had to try. And, well, Ty… try 300 in 9mins 35 seconds! Just under the wire! haha…

Jump Lunges

I’d like to say that is was easy, but I was workin’ as hard as I could to make that time, and walked away wobbly-legged, red-faced and suckin’ wind. I’m probably going to feel that workout for a week. But, it was worth it.

So now, as we all go into the Holiday Season, with all the temptation to just sit around and stuff our faces, I’m tossing out this training challenge to all of you. Check out the Body Rock site. Read how to do the jump-lunges, (I was knee to floor each time) and then post your time, IF you can beat mine. Honor system is in place, of course. Let’s go Kenny-poo! Let’s see whatcha got!

TIME TO BEAT 9 mins 35 secs