Now offering the most versatility of any stage race that I’m aware of… The Transrockies is offering three flavours of racing for their 10th anniversary!

As always the full on, no-holds barred TR7 exists for team competitors, and building on the success of the past two years the TR3 still exists for for solo competitor. This year, however, the Transrockies is mixing it up even more by organizing a four day solo even that builds on the back half of the full 7 day experience.

I find this extremely interesting and awesome all at the same time.

The now iconic TR 'dirty girl'

It’s interesting, because it now gives solo athletes set on suffering as much as they can the ability to bridge both the TR3 and TR4 for a Frankensteined TR7… I’m not sure if racers choosing to do this will be officially ranked as 7 day finishers, though. Hopefully there’s at least an informal 7-day solo competition even if racers are only ‘officially’ ranked for the 3 and 4-day events.

It’s awesome, because one of my (very few) complaints about last years TR3 was that when you rolled past the line on day three, the finish felt a little hollow… Your race ended while everybody got to continue on – There was a sense on incompletion. But now with the TR4 you’re truly able to get the best of both worlds – A slightly shorter (than the TR7), but (almost) equally epic stage race and you get to roll past the adoring fans into Canmore and party with the full spectrum of racers.

I can definitely see this being enticing… I will be interesting to see what it does to the TR3 registrations, and how many grizzled warriors decide to string the TR3 and TR4 together!

I have to admit that I’m pretty excited to see this type of ‘race innovation’ going on… With races like the Furious3 selling out in record time, and the obvious popularity of the TR3, there is definitely a market for well run, mid-length stage races – Though when Sheldon and I stated, we jumped into the full meal deal (and I wouldn’t change a thing), I can see this being a great way to break down the barriers into multi-day racing.