If cyclocross was a motorsport, this is how I would imagine it.

Corkscrews, loops, slaloms, drifting, figure eights, ridiculously tight corners, and the entire course pushing the boundaries of your tires traction.

Called ‘Gymkhana,’ this is like autocross on steroids. I have a ton of respect for race car drivers and what’s they can do to get a car around a course as fast as they can, but this is in an entirely different world! The expressions on the drivers face say it all.

There are too many awesome moments in this clip, but one of my favourites is when he just barely let’s off the gas and starts sliding sideways down the 51° bank. Insanity!

I would recommend watching the video in HD (1080p) and full screen if you have the opportunity! It’s worth it.

Thanks to Erik for the link ;-)