Devoted fans, readers and admirers… All that time you’ve spent lavishing us with your attention and undying loyalty is finally about to pay off! Thanks to the generosity of the Furious 3 crew, Bikeridr is offering the contest to end all contests!

Up for grabs is a free entry to the Furious 3, and three days accommodation at the Park Place Lodge in Fernie BC.

For those of you living under a rock, the Furious 3 is a 3-day stage race in Fernie, BC. Ranging from tight single track winding through dense rainforest, to wide open mountain traverses. The course is guaranteed to challenge any rider. If that’s not incentive enough, it’s proving to be wildly popular and is already over 70% sold out!

So what’s the scoop? How do you get in on this mind-blowing opportunity? Well, that’s the easy, and fun part.

Below are three images. You must submit a comment with a caption for one, two or all three of the photos. That’s it. You’re in.

For each image caption you contribute, you will get 1 entry (to a maximum of 3). So it pays to drum up a caption for each image. Sheldon and I will also award 2 bonus entries for what we deem to be the best caption for each image.

It shakes out like this:

  • If you caption 1 photo, that’s 1 entry.
  • If you caption 1 photo twice, that’s 1 entry
  • If you caption each photo, that’s 3 entries.
  • If you completely kill it, caption all 3 photos AND win Sheldon’s and my favour for all 3 that’s 9 entries!!

We will then take all entries and place them into a random draw for the winner.

That’s it. Get creative. You’ve got 30 days. Contest ends October 21st.

The fine print – We will contact the winner through the email left in their comment, so please use an email where you can be reached. We will give the winner 24 hours to reply before drawing another. Winning entries are redeemable for one entry – either a full solo entry, or half of a team entry.

Update: The “Furious” Contest is also open to racers already registered!! Should you win, your race entry fee will be reimbursed!

Image 01:

Image 02:

Image 03: