As you might have heard, a certain well-known Texan cycling legend, 7 time Tour De France Champion and prolific cancer fighter is coming to Edmonton this August…

Why Edmonton, you ask? The quick answer is, to lend support to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. But for me, I’m still left asking the question, why Edmonton? I mean, if you want to do something like this in Western Canada, why not Vancouver, or Calgary for that matter? My answer is, Edmonton is an event town. Edmontonians come out and support things in a big way. We are known as the festival city after all. So, I wasn’t that surprised when I spoke with the CBCF at the beginning of July and found out that the limited number of spots available to ride with Lance, were near gone.

Now I only say near gone, because there are still some spots available.  If you’ve been sitting on the fence at all, jump on it soon. It really is a once -in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only ride with a cycling icon, but also to raise incredibly important funds for the fight against breast cancer!

Lance will be in town for two days. August 25th, there will be a Link Pink Lance Armstrong for Breast Cancer luncheon held at the Shaw Conference Centre. Master of ceremonies will be none other than the official voice of cycling, Phil Liggett. August 26th is the ride. A small group of dedicated fundraisers will get to join Lance on a 100km ride and post-ride dinner in beautiful Jasper, Alberta.

For more information on the luncheon, and how to get your spot on the ride with Lance, contact Tracy Sopkow, Director, Marketing & Communications, CBCF – Prairies/NWT Region, T: (780) 452-1166, E: