Billed as “The Spring Classic Europe Wished it Had,” Speed Theory is looking to kick off the 2010 season in style. Sure to be a ‘bare-bones’ hard-man race with upwards of 20% of the 14.5km course being full-on gravel, this is guaranteed to be a great way to test your mettle for the 2010 season.

Originally billed as a spring classic ‘series,’ Speed Theory was hoping some of the other clubs would step in to host additional races. Sadly none have done so and the ‘series’ has been reduced to ‘a race.’ With that said, I’m glad that at least this one will be happening.

$5 at the ‘door’ will get you in, and regardless of your off-season fitness (or lack thereof) it should prove to be an exciting race since will put most roller-babies (I use the term lovingly) a little out of their comfort zone.

The distance should be manageable and unfolds as such:

  • Cat A riders – 5 laps (72km)
  • Cat B riders – 4 laps (58km)
  • Cat C riders – 3 laps (43km)

Further details on the poster below, or on the Speed Theory website. Hope to see you there, even if you’re Cat Z like me ;-)