I can’t be unique in ‘thinking/dreaming’ about getting a new bike every time I walk into a bike shop. If you’re a rider, you just can’t help it. I think it’s the smell of the rubber… haha… I don’t know. Maybe it’s something the shops pump into the air – some kind of ‘buy-a-bike’ mind melding gas. You walk in and the bikes sit there, gleaming, in their racks, just calling out to be ridden. And, really, who am I to be so cold hearted that I can’t give at least one of them a good home. Well, today I got the call, ‘Sheldon, good news. You can come pick up your new bike!’

And there she was, a gorgeous XC mountain climbing machine, with my name on it. Ken got to enjoy one of these moments last summer, when he picked up his brand-spanking new Specialized Epic Marathon  Carbon. I was nearly as excited as he was when he go it. If you’re like me, you think about bikes, well, let’s say, quite a bit. You read about them, you talk with you buddies about them, and you set your sights on the ones that you imagine yourself riding someday. Normally though, that ‘someday bike’ comes with a bigger price tag then you’re ready to tackle. So, you start to scrimp, and you start to save. Slowly you get a little money set aside. Every now and then, you have to bring up the website and read over the specs again, call up some reviews and pop back into the bike shop to drool over it just to remind yourself why you forwent those dinners out, the concerts, and maybe some arguably needed repairs around the house. The next thing you know, if you’ve been good, you realize that you have some real scratch socked away, and you start to get excited. Then, pretty soon, when you have enough and you’re 100% set on the exact ride you want, you get to role into your local bike shop, and do what you’ve been dreaming about and talking about for months – you get to walk out with your dream bike… For me, that was today! WOOOO!

As I’m writing this, I’m looking over at it and smiling ear to ear. So, what did I buy? What is my new ride, my dream bike? Well, there is a person or two out there who already know, but i’ll ask you to keep a lid on it for now. I’m going to see just how well my good buddy Ken Hurd knows the better half of Bikridr. And just calling the brand won’t cut it. I want brand and model. Nothing like putting you on the spot, Ken! hahah… Really, if you can’t guess right off the top of your head, the photos ‘may’ tip you off.

I’ll be out on it this weekend, and can’t wait!!!! I’ll also have some more photos for the BIG REVEAL :-) Today was a good day.