With the surge of bicycling commuters across North America, Google has finally added a “bike there” option in their next-to-ubiquitous online mapping application. From Google’s description, it’s pretty much everything I’d hope it would be… Optimizing the route for bikes by “taking advantage of bike trails, bike lanes, and bike-friendly streets and avoiding hilly terrain whenever possible.”

While definitely handy for a guy like me who commutes on a regular basis – I can see this as a real boon for those thinking of getting into cycling either as a hobby, or as transportation. Rather than have to struggle through traffic and wonder if there were better ways to get from A to B, Google Maps now takes the guessing out of it.

As with all good things (it seems) this feature is only available in the States right now, but after the recent adoption of Google Street View here in Canada, I’m optimistic that Google Maps by Bicycle won’t be far behind!!

via Dirt Rag