In Ken and my last post, we laid out our ’10 goals, and one of mine was racing Cyclo Cross again. Now, time does a funny thing to memory, in that it usually chooses to remember the good times most clearly. I think this is what my memory has done with Cyclo Cross. I think back and sure I remember how intense it was, but I can’t say I recall the pain anymore, though I’m sure there was a lot of it. I don’t really remember how cold it was at Nationals, or how hard the frozen ground was when my front wheel slipped out and I went down on lap 2. I don’t really remember just how slick and muddy the climb and descent was at the Diary Queen Double Dipper now. Mostly I just remember, it was fun :-D

I love this video because instead of focusing on the race, it focuses on the rider’s expressions. Despite the obvious ‘discomfort’, the snow, the ice, the mud, they’re out thereĀ tearin’ it up. Why? Maybe it’s the spiky, blue-haired demon with the pitch fork?