I ran across this video this morning and just had to post it… Great use of wide angle shots, and wonderful use of color. What really struck me was the integration of sound throughout the video. Great soundtrack, but the constant background highlights of cowbells, cheering, and the sounds of the tires on the different terrain really makes you feel like you’re there.

I found myself watching this video multiple times, the last few times, not really watching, just listening to the music and the sound of the tires roll by… Maybe I’m a dork, but I found it really relaxing – I need a soundtrack like this to work to. What’s interesting (and probably intentional) is how much the soundtrack contradicts the actual feeling at a cross race, non-stop high intensity, lung-busting efforts and cheering fans… Far from a relaxing environment.

From a videographers point of view, one of the nice things about a cyclocross race has to be the fact that because it’s a short circuit race with multiple laps –they can use fewer cameras and move them around, rather than having to place a bunch of cameras throughout the course and hope for the perfect shot.

Just can’t get enough of this stuff.