Lots of buzz going on surrounding Radioshack’s kit’s and gear being unveiled, and from what I’ve seen, the swarming masses are lukewarm about the jerseys, but everybody seems pretty stoked about the bikes.

The bike looks hot, there’s no denying that, and at first glance I thought it might be a little overdone, but I think that there’s a really nice balance of micro vs. macro detailing.

From afar, you get some pretty cool colors that are going to stand out in the peloton, along with some unique paint approaches – namely the gradient from grey to black and the ride piping on the top tube and interior triangle.

But as you get closer you’re immersed in all the little nuances. You realize that as the gradient fades the grey is populated with little “Shack” logos. You notice the classy nod to Livestrong on the right seatstay. The red spacer in the headset. The list goes on. Definitely something to soak in.

The one thing I’m uncertain of is what’s going on with the actual kit. When I look at the bike and the jersey, they don’t feel completely in sync to me. I’ll be interested to see how the revisions (if any) to the jersey will help it sync up man and machine.

Your thoughts?

Madone Glamour

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More shots can be seen on Trek’s Facebook page.