It doesn’t feel like that long ago we were all running around getting ready to ring in the new millennium while worrying about Y2K, and now it’s suddenly 2010! That’s kind of hard to get my head around right now actually, like I dosed-off in the middle of a movie and now I’m wondering what happened… Time marches on and we need to make the most of it, that’s for sure, so Ken and I are wishing you and yours all the best as we turn the page on 2009. And, because I’m being totally cliché this year in marking tomorrow as the beginning of the new improved ‘me’, the me that sleeps deeper, trains harder, shoulders stress better, and maybe, just maybe, the me that beats Ken in a race, I will be enjoying a 4 course dinner tonight – bring on the eatin’! HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!

Wicked fireworks bike by Duane’s Designs –