Ho! Ho! Ho! With Christmas fast approaching, and I do mean fast, I figured it was time to start thinking about it. I don’t know what my deal was this year; maybe it was the fact we had no snow until last week, but Christmas just seems to have come out of nowhere. That said, now I’m super excited. Christmas has to be my favourite season, only next to riding season, maybe :-)

So, with just two weeks to go, I thought although it’d be cliché, it’d still be fun to run down my 2010 Smart pics/‘personal Christmas wish list’.  Amaze, thrill, and astound your naughty, or nice, bike-addicted loved ones with any of these.

In order of smallest to largest monetary investment:

Dura Ace Cufflinks


Saaaawwwweeeeeet! For a guy like me who sports a suit to work a couple days a week, how can you get any cooler than these! It’s maybe a little hard to get a sense of the actual scale size, but I’d order these and expect them to be pretty small, so pretty understated. About $80 USD puts these in your stocking.

Rapha Long Sleeve Jersey (Red)

Rapha baby!

I’ve heard nothing but great, great things about this fancy Sportwool! Even tonight at a Christmas party, I was part of conversation about how great it is. Now, this amazingly warm, moisture wicking fabric doesn’t come cheap, so you might as well go all out, and make it a Rapha, and in red. $210 USD.

Mavic Huez Shoe

Speedy, speedy

BLING! BLING! For the rider in your life who likes to stand out in a peloton, these kicks might be the way to go. Being a huge Mavic fan, I have to admit a soft spot for these, but I also have to admit that I don’t think I could pull these off. I think Ken put it best when we were looking at them at BOW Cycle in Calgary last summer, when he said, “Holy, you’d have to be fast to rock those…” Still, I love these bad boys and for about $400 USD you can snag’em. Low whistle…

The sh-BANG!

The more I get into riding, and training, the more I seem to get into the gear and gadgetry. If I’m completely honest about this, it’s because I find all the cool gear just helps make all the pain and suffering more worth while, and a GPS system that supports not just location, speed, distance, heart rate and maps routes, but also measures POWER – well how wicked is that?! Especially if you know you’re actually getting the next thing on the list… $499 will put this beauty on your bars.

Power Tap Pro+


Okay, okay… so maybe I’m not supposed to know about what Santa is bringing me quite yet, but what can you do. I hope to be putting this baby to good use first thing in January, and because it will be built onto a Mavic Open Pro wheel, come spring, I can keep my power meter with me on all my road training rides.  Real-time performance measurement data shall be mine, though not on the cheap. Not on the cheap at all… $1,119 USD Eeeek…

Moab Maintain Bike Trip


After a midweek ride last summer, I sat up at the bar at Original Joes (Glenora location) with the Pedalhead crew and heard all about their annual group trip to Moab. Gerry even had a bunch of photos on his iPhone for visual support. Long story short here, this place sounds incredible – a literal riding wonderland, where all your XC and freeride dreams come true.  I spent a little time checking out some travel sites and this would be a stupendous way to cap off the fall riding season. Cost for something like this would be tough to nail down, but would depend on your personal choice of lodging, means of travel etc… You make it what you want.

King of the Mountain TDF Tour

L'Alpe d'Huez

We’re starting to dig pretty deep into the pockets here, but come on, what kind of self-respecting rider doesn’t at some point want to go to the Tour De France? I think of it almost like a spiritual pilgrimage, and I’d have to get in on that mountain stage madness. I found one TDF tour specific to L’Alpe D’Huez! Again, cost is going to vary depending on your expected standard of travel, but you’d have to bank on a couple grand if you’re from Edmonton like me.

Lapierre X Control 900 Carbon

Lapierre will be at RVC this Spring!

Last but not least, what would a bike-oholic’s Christmas wish list be without a new sled, and the Lapierre X Control 900 Carbon is a serious beauty. Full SRAM XX, and Mavic Cross Max wheelset… Whao… About $9,000 – Nuff said.

So, there you have it. That’s a pretty solid list, from small to grand, even if I do say so myself. And, for any family/friends out there still looking for that perfect gift for me, well, there you go. My b-day isn’t too far off either, hahah…