In light of it being Thanksgiving weekend for our American readers, and in light of the recent video Sheldon put together of me trash talking him, I thought it might be appropriate to give thanks for our sport and wicked-cool people that are into it.

Reading an interview with Geoff Kabush regarding his cyclocross season, I ran across some responses that had some real style to them… Maybe I’ve watched too many [insert regular team sport here – hockey/football/baseball/etc.] interviews, but I’m pretty sick how a traditional interview pans out… I understand that the atheletes don’t want to piss anybody off, and yes, they alway give 110%, and I understand that really, it’s all about the team… But come on… Get a personality!

From the interview with Kabush:

Who do you consider your biggest rival?

…My biggest rival, or the guy I like to trash talk the most, would probably be Treboohoo. I like to give a fist to the neck before the race or ask him if I can borrow his brain…because I am building an idiot. It is mostly in good fun but I have one strategy I am not going to reveal until I beat him again; probably in Portland. Hopefully he doesn’t cry.

Simple. Eloquent. Hilarious. Another reason to give thanks for our sport.

You can read the full interview at Cyclocross Magazine