As winter approaches the Alberta Biathlon Club along with Canada Olympic Park have devised a sporting combination which I can only dub ‘The Holy Grail of Mountain Biking.’

Rather than a traditional biathlon where athletes ski and shoot, this competition will combine a mountain bike loop and shooting bout. If this doesn’t help me get my Olympic on, I don’t know what will!!

I said last time I promoted a race… Be there or be square – but frankly, this one sounds like waaayyy to much fun to miss!


Saturday, October 17, 2009
Open practice @ 9:30
Start @ 11:00

Biathlon range at Calgary Olympic Park (link to maps)

Relay race (2 people per team)
2 laps/person for kids, teens & families
3 laps/person for adults

Entry Fees:
$30/person (kids, teens & family)
$40/person (adults)

Register at

You can get the full details from their press release.