Well, the Dairy Queen Double Dipper wasn’t actually the last scheduled race of the season, but it was likely the last time Ken and I will be at the same race. That said, this was a good one to go out on.

The event was at the Devon Lions campground right down by the river. Great location, and the organizers, United Cycle and community of Devon did a wicked job setting up the course. It was super fun, fast, twisty, and at times crazy with that major power climb and descent and that dizzying clamshell that had riders circling around each other in all directions.

Sport Men's Podium

Ken and I raced first thing in morning in the Sport category, which had a really solid turn out. I was feeling pretty good and managed to hang in there a little better this race but in the end still came in 2nd to last place. Son of a…! haha… So yeah, my long-distance legs and lungs just aren’t exactly gettin’ it done for me in the crazy cardio mayhem of Cross, but hey, good times nevertheless. This is a crazy fun sport, with sand pits, bike caries, barriers, run-ups – it’s nuts! I’ll be back next season, but a fitter and faster version (I write this as I sit here and eat my 5th oatmeal cookie…) Ken on the other hand had his best showing eva, fighting it out with Brandon Romano from Blood Sweat and Gears for 5th place, and a share of the cash prize! Had his chain not jammed in the final sprint, who knows. Truly impressive… I think Ken’s going to Disneyland!

All in all, this was a cool race for Ken and I to wrap up our racing season on. We both raced hard and then stuck around and watched the other classes, Expert, and Elite. It was awesome to see Pedalhead take 1st and 2nd in the men’s Expert. Good stuff! Ken might still jump in on one of the last races of the schedule as they’re in Calgary, so we’ll see if he can’t lay off on the suck and grab a piece of the podium. No excuses Hurd. Do it, do it :-)

Andy with the win!

Here is some video of the Elites courtesy of Hardcore Bikes.

Photo Gallery:

Elite Mens PodiumGates

Craig from DeadgoatPepper pushin' it through the sand pit

Kyle smooth on the downhill Boing!

Hardcore over the gatesPedalhead peleton

Hardcore hill descentPedalhead podium

Leader - Elite menPedalhead Gates

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