São Paulo acts as the business hub of South America and suffers all the ailments of such a city. There is insufficient public transit and traffic jams often exceed 80km… Commuters spend on-average 3 hours stuck in traffic – 15 hours a week.

To help raise awareness to this problem, as well as highlight potential alternatives the ‘São Paulo Intermodal Challenge’ has held. All means of transportation were explored, from cars and motorbikes, to helicopters, bicycles and wheelchairs.

As is probably no surprise to readers here, a cyclist won the challenge (over 10 minutes faster than the helicopter). Some of the highlighted finishes:

  1. Cyclist: 0:22
  2. Helicopter: 0:33
  3. Runner: 1:06
  4. Bus: 1:11
  5. Car: 1:22
  6. Walker: 1:32

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