This is what building a brand is all about…

Show me the people behind the bike, the thinking behind your engineering, the science behind the performance… Having a hot bike isn’t enough anymore. Almost every company out there is building a great bike, tell me why I should choose yours…

Make me believe.

One company that has always done a great job of this is Cervélo, a small Canadian company out of Montréal. Just prior to the dawn of the 2009 Tour de France Cervélo launched Beyond the Peloton, a behind the scenes documentary of the creation and first season of the Cervélo TestTeam.

Beyond the Peloton aims to capture what the race footage fails to.

All in all, it’s very well done… The intro dialogue alone just about gives me shivers ;-)

Cervelo TestTeam

It’s the age old tale of underdogs rising against all odds. Like a lone rider attacking the peloton in a bid to cross the finish line first.

You’re not going to see in-race footage, or helicopter shots. But what I am going to show you is what it’s like to build, and be part of a pro team.

Sure this is about professional cyclists, but the courageous human beings, not the not the media legends. But it’s also the story of mechanics, of sport directors, engineers, and the team manager. Of young up-and-comers trying to make it in the big leagues, and champions looking to savour the moment… Again.

You can view the whole series in HD on Cervélo’s site or on their YouTube Channel.

Also possibly of interest is the Cervélo TestTeam’s promotional race-vacation offerings, which I had highlighted in a previous post.