June, ahhhh… How fondly I remember you. It doesn’t feel like that long ago June felt so very, very far away, and well, now it’s passed. Where did the time go? When I decided to join Ken and commit to the Transrockies I knew it would be a huge undertaking. It would involve dedicating my week nights and weekends to training – to turning myself from a guy in moderately good shape, into one capable of marathon distance stage race mountain biking. Sounded easy enough…

In October of 2008 the riding season came to a close for me and I made my plans for indoor training. I believed at that time, I was already in good shape. This was despite not completing the BOW 80 back in September. Regardless of that failure I felt I was entering the off-season in position to look forward to making some major endurance improvements over the winter months. I pictured my quads growing in size, my calves spreading their wings and becoming shredded. I couldn’t wait for the start of the 2009 bike season because I was going to blast out of the starting gates a riding force! And, in some ways, I did. I was encouraged right away by my first rides of the season as I climbed hills I could never climb before, rode longer with less fatigue and felt stronger over all. I remember thinking at that time I had it made; with several months of training still ahead of me, I was bound to be in amazing shape by August – I was sure of it. But, a lot of other things come into play in the ol’ fight for life balance, and some of those things aren’t exactly helpful. Illness for one. I was pretty sick twice, and that’s rare for me. Also stress, in this case work related. I wasn’t sleeping well at all for most of May or June, hence the illness possibly. I suppose it all goes hand in hand. I don’t want to make it sound all bad because it hasn’t been all bad; it’s really been mostly all good. Each month I’ve made gains, modest or meager as they might have been, I’m now stronger and faster and fitter than ever. I fell like I might be ready.

The month of June was always a major milestone in my mind. A month of lots of riding, lots of training, lots of progress, which it was. I logged more hours on the bike than any other month, and what’s super exciting is that my body (shoulders, lower back, wrists) are starting to finally come around and not be so ornery… This is a huge relief because for a while there the discomfort/pain was worrying me.

So here we are, June is over and July is already well underway and offering the last chance to chisel, shape, build the body up to handle the TR. This is going to be a heavy training month. I’ll push it until the end and then rest from Aug 1st through to the 9th. Hopefully this will be enough time to reset the body and I’ll be fresh and ready to RIDE! WOOOO!