The G8R marked my first solo endurance event and though I wasn’t flat out nervous per-se, I was a little anxious, especially in light of feeling a little blasé about my performance at the Perogy/TransStony (link) a few weeks prior.

That said, I had pre-rode the course with the Dead Goats on Thursday, and though my quads still weren’t 100% from my hill session earlier in the week, I figured they’d do what was required of them come race time ;-)

Though most enduro mass starts are exciting, nobody really blows out of the gates the way they do in a sprint race… This being the case, the event organizers decided to put a little twist on things by offering a crisp 50 dollar bill to the whoever finished lap #1 first. Good fun for somebody who wanted to blow up on the first lap ;-)

On Your Left!

On Your Left!

Overall the race was a freakin’ blast – the course was stellar, full of tight, winding single track, a number of ladder-bridges/stream crossings and a handful of sincere climbs. The course had been extended from last year and was now just shy of 10km a lap (by my odometer) with ~410m of elevation gain.

Despite a handful of mechanicals – all having to do with my rear derailleur (I think it lost a fight to a rock somewhere along the way) and hitting the deck a half dozen times (some more serious than others) I managed to pound out 10 laps (~97km) and averaged ~40min a lap (15km/h). Respectable, I think.

The host DeadGoats put on an impressive performance, both in the organization of the race (nice work guys!), as well as the performance of the racers as there were a number of them sporting red & black on the podium. It’s a great team to be a part of, I’m proud to say – full of not only great athletes, but just great people as well… Go Goats!

Notes for the next race:

  • Don’t take your derailleur for granted, treat it like the delicate flower it is
  • Trim my freakin’ handlebars, so I don’t kill myself (they were the source of 4 out of my 5 crashes… A testament to how tight the singletrack was)
  • Banana Hammer Gel is disgusting
  • A can of pop mid-race does wonders
  • Just keep given’er!!

Photos courtesy of Kaz Matsumoto