Edmonton Canada Cup 2009

This coming weekend (Saturday June 13th) is the first ever Canada Cup race in Edmonton. The course is through the Edmonton river valley pretty much right below dowtown. Though I’ve lived here all my life, I still find it hard to believe that we have so many miles, and miles of great mtb trails right in the center of the city! After riding in valley for over ten years, I am often amazed to find trails I’ve never ridden, that or, I haven’t ridden in so long I’ve forgotten. For a city in the prairies we are very fortunate indeed. 

If you’ve been at all thinking about giving racing a shot, this is a chance you shouldn’t pass up. A Canada cup race is a pretty big deal and lots newbies, veteran teams and the major manufactures will be out in force. I’m signed up and will be lookin’ for ya at the start line!