Although I wasn’t in this race, despite planning and training for it, I did get to watch some wicked national level racing, and cheer on some of the locals guys that I know. Dana, sorry about your chain, man… You were killin’ it till it snapped! Sam, good to see you out there bringin’ the beats as usual. Peter, 4th place Masters Expert! Wooo hoo!!! And Paul, I think you said this was your first race in 4 years, so welcome back! 

The event organizers pulled off a really great event. They can be proud. Tons of riders, a stupendous urban XC course, and it was nice to see so many manufacturers out with their kits and demo bikes – Good times… For the first Canada Cup , Edmonton knocked it out of the park. I’m looking forward to 2010 already. This time I’ll be on the bike though :-)

Good times, good times!!!!


Guys from Mud Sweat and Gears

Masters Expert group

Ready to go!


Start Finish

Start Finish

Bird's eye view of the course