The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the snow is gone and everybody is out riding except me… ‘Cause I’m sick, and feeling quite sorry for myself to boot.

Boo hoo.

I was sick once over the winter too, but it didn’t really affect my mood as adversely as this bout has. I think it’s because I was simply missing out on some trainer rides, whereas now, I’m missing fun rides outside with my friends. Burning legs… Searing lungs… Awesome times.

Boo hoo.

It’s true, woe is me… But in between feeling sorry for myself and being sick I got to thinking, and really, outside of injury, illness is one of the only things that could really impact the Transrockies in a negative way. In all honesty, there’s not a ton a guy can do about it either. Yes, I can ensure that I’m properly rested, and not overtraining – but life is busy, and shit, as they say, happens.

So outside of being generally miserable, I’m doing my best to focus on getting better and paying attention to how exactly I’m doing that… Plenty of rest, ridiculous amounts of fluids, and some drugs for good measure (ColdFX & Tylenol Cold). If nothing else I hope to have this thing kicked inside of three days (that gives me until tomorrow). That way, should this happen again pre-race, I’ll know how long to anticipate my recovery being.

Alright, Alright… Enough of that!

Headed up to Elbow Falls - Notice all the white stuff!

Headed up to Elbow Falls – Notice all the white stuff!

Outside of the last little bit, April was a decent training month, regular long and hard outings with a couple of big rides. As Sheldon alluded to one of the biggies was a ~140k trek to Elbow Falls… It was truly great to get out riding with my buddy again – and I have to admit, I noticed a huge improvement in his fitness which is great news for the Transrockies. Sadly, I can’t say I noticed an improvement in his bike handling skills… He lived up to his nickname of “Crash” by actually falling down while going up a hill… On the road…  ;-)  The true test will be in a couple weeks at the Bacon Buffet and TransStony Enduro races – the first blood of the new season!

So yeah… Even though I’m too busy wallowing in self pity right now I’m looking forward to May, and really starting to pound through the miles.


  • Lots of solid rides
  • Some decent distance
  • Some good intensity


  • Got sick :-(
  • Not enough kms in my opinion
  • Haven’t got on the mountain bike yet