As you cut through the clouds you look out the cabin window and see the Eiffel Tower tenderly reaching into the sky. The plane touches down and you’re quickly whisked to your hotel, shortly after which the custom pro-spec bike fitting begins.

You relax, breathe in the fresh Parisian air, unpack and get ready for dinner. Downstairs you see Carlos Sastre and the rest of the team lounging, waiting for you to arrive. After enjoying some light banter with the team you get ready for bed, you’ve got a big day after all…

Sounds to good to be true?

Not any more. Cervélo has just unveiled their TestTeam Travel packages. Now you can travel to some of the most exotic and exhilarating races around the world and experience them (almost) first hand. As Cervélo puts it “chatting with fans for a few minutes never cost anybody a race (unless they did it just before the finish line instead of after).”

Some of non-exaggerated highlights include:

  • Travel with Cervélo to some the greatest cycling races on earth,
  • All trips are limited to 20 guests or less for a nice, intimate atmosphere,
  • Meet the team,
  • Get your own full team kit, including the use of a Cervélo TestTeam S3 or RS bike with full TestTeam set-up (Zipp wheels, 3T cockpit, Fizik zaddle and Rotor rings),
  • Try out the team bikes for yourself,
  • Get a massage from the soigneur,
  • Ride/race on the actual course,
  • Watch the TestTeam race over the same course (sometimes even help the team out, be part of the wheel team, etc.)
Your ride?

Your ride?

Packages exist for all the major races like the Paris-Roubaix, Tour of Flanders, and Tour de France to name a few. Check it out at Cervélo TestTeam Travel.

So what’s your dream bike vacation? Mountain biking through Costa Rica? Rolling through the Pyrenees chatting with Lance? Taking the family on a cycling trip to Holland? Don’t let money or reality be a barrier, dream big and let us know!