To promote their new Golden Race Series, GT has launched a new website that allows you to not only learn a little bit about their tongue-in-cheek elitist ‘Golden Bike’, but also taunt and chastise your friends using the ‘GT Gold Diggers’ cheer team.

They're Gold Diggers. You're Nobody.

For those unfamiliar with the Golden Race Series, GT has put their Golden Bike up for grabs at a number of races throughout the year – to the winner go the spoils. The catch? To keep the bike, you have to keep winning – Or, in the words of GT: “Winning the GT Golden Bike obligates you to defend your possession of it at the next Golden Race or forfeit it like a pansy.”

The nice thing is that this coveted prize is only available to non-pro riders and should you actually win the bike, GT will fly you and a friend to the next race to defend your title (they’ll even take care of your race fees). It should make for an interesting twist to this years race season.

As a fun viral piece, the GT Gold Diggers allow you to send a ‘smack-talk’ cheer to your friend – I’ve already forwarded it to a couple of my friends and figure you should do the same ;-)

You can learn more about the bike and the competition at