April! What!

First off, how did it get to be April already? This is the 4 month countdown to TRC. Yikes!

Well, the big upside is, it’s time to get OUTSIDE. Here in Edmonton the weather is mild (+6 to +10) midday, and the snow is almost just a fond memory. Although I think it will be a while before the shady valley trails are ready, all we need is for the street sweepers to get out there and the road is a callin’! Woo Hoo!

March was a very solid month for me. As I mentioned in a recent post, I went to see Kevin Masters at Aerobic Power Training Systems. He put me through some fitness testing and developed a diverse, personalized training plan for me that I have been following to the best of my ability. One of the greatest things is that my workout sessions now go by so much faster because the drills really mix it up. I am doing everything from: “Long Climb intervals” to “Single Leg drills” to “Cadence Tempo work”, “Spin Ups”, “Pyramid intervals” and “Ascending Gear Sprints” that leave me jelly-legged and shaky. The other really cool thing is that I have accurate target heart rate zones now so I can be a lot more confident in my training from now on. Before, I really didn’t know if I was training smart, or just a lot… I can see there is a big difference between the two now.

Work this month got in the way to a significant degree though, so there were a lot of nights I was hopping on the trainer at 9, or 10pm. Not ideal, when you’re feeling wasted from the day already and all you really want to do is flop into bed. But, I managed to keep up with a 4 day per week regimen, only missing one session this month so I am pretty proud of that. I can tell that my pedal stroke is getting ‘better’ and that my fitness has been improving steadily the last few weeks. Also, now that I am actually riding in my hrt rate zone targets, I am riding harder and I have found that after the first week or so of shock, my body is actually learning to crave the intensity. This, out of everything, I feel is the most significant breakthrough this month. My body wants to ride harder, and for longer; what better, when your goal is an insane event like the Transrockies?!


  • Got a great training plan
  • Have accurate hrt rate zone targets
  • Kept up with a 4 session / week routine
  • Upped the intensity and the body liked it
  • Felt a sincere improvement in fitness


  • Worked a lot
  • Missed one training ride
  • Only got into the dojo for cross-training 4 times
  • Let up on the weight training this month, mostly due to time restrictions