March was the first month that it’s stayed somewhat consistently above zero – As such, most of the snow disappeared (albeit fleetingly), and it marked the first *real* ride back on the road. After months on the trainer in the garage getting outside was glorious.

I didn’t have time for a long ride, just a quick 40km, but that was enough to give me an idea of how my training has been going over the winter. I could tell that I’ve made marked improvements in the areas that I’ve been working on (power & lactic threshold), and generally it didn’t feel like I had lost any fitness (If anything I felt stronger). Both of which were great motivators to keep turning the pedals.

After talking to Sheldon a few times, I have to admit that I’m pretty jealous of the training plan he has going on… I don’t think I’m lacking too much in my mish-mash training plan (since many of the things he’s highlighted are things I’m working on as well), but it would be nice to have the program personalization that a professional coach would bring to the table.

I had sat down with a coach a month or so ago where I got a few rough guidelines, but I made a deal with myself that I would finish the current work I have on my plate (external work projects) prior to making the commitment to a professional training plan. Needless to say, I’m not there yet, but I’m close. I would hate to pay a bunch of money for a great training plan and then not be able to stick to it.

It also looks like I’ll be spending some time over the next few months in Atlanta for work, and though I generally find staying on top of training difficult when I’m traveling I discovered great gym right across the street from my hotel. I find the hotel gyms generally lacking – but the local gym has really nice spin bikes, so I should be able to manage my full training routine on the road. If I could find a bike rental place I might even go for a couple of rides… The weather in Atlanta is awesome (well, compared to the snow in Calgary, anyway ;-)


  • Stayed steady on the bike & on top of my training
  • Actually got outside – Woohoo!
  • Knee is continuing to feel good


  • Work is busy, so I managed to simply stay the course rather than keep an upward trend with my training
  • Didn’t have time to adopt a professional training plan