In a word,“pffft”

February was not a stellar training month for me – not even close… It began with me discovering first-hand what ‘overtraining’ does to you. January had been a big month, and although at the time I thought I hadn’t pushed things too far, by the end of the first week of Feb I knew differently.

Pretty much the whole first half of Feb was a battle between my recovery needs and training needs. On the one hand, I was fatigued, deeply, and I could feel it through my whole body like someone had poured heavy, wet cement into all my limbs. But on the other hand I can be obstinate and I wanted to keep training. The result was half-hearted workouts in the gym, lacklustre rides on the stationary and even skipping sessions altogether. This was really frustrating!

By mid Feb I was so far off my training volume targets I knew I had to just let them go, and look at the rest of Feb as a fresh start. So, that’s what I did; with my body finally rested I was ready to pick things back up again. BUT, work had crept up on me and despite my best intentions, arriving home at 7-8-or 9pm left me drained and too tired to really get my workouts going again. My life/work balance has fallen pretty far out of ‘whack’ the last while. Short-term pain for long-term gain, I tell myself, but honestly I can’t see things letting up that much between now and August. I am going to need to manage my time a lot better and really try to stay focused on my goals.


  • Found out what over-training does, and that I am capable of it if I don’t monitor myself and my workout closely
  • Did manage to get 10 rides in this month. This isn’t enough to better my fitness but I doubt if I lost any
  • Got into the gym 7 times, so only missed my lift target by 1 session
  • Entering March feeling good and ready to bear down


  • Over-trained and then wasted much of the month with weak workouts
  • Got really busy at work. Long hours, diet wasn’t great, and neither was sleep. I’ll need to be careful with this. Better organization should be the key.