Who hasn’t been affected by cancer? That’s a scary question when you already know the answer.

The word comes up more and more in conversation with an epidemic-like frequency because this is a disease that has exploded. I read recently that each year cancer kills more people than HIV/AIDS and Malaria combined. When you look at it that way, it’s not that hard to see why everyone we know has been affected by cancer in one way or another. We’ve all lost friends, family or know someone dear to us who has.

When Ken and I first talked about doing the Transrockies, that was the extent of our goal; to train and race in an event so far beyond our abilities and fitness levels seemed like enough to take on. But as we got to talking about it, one of us tossed out the idea of doing some fundraising. Now, there are a lot of very worthy causes and charities out there to support, but immediately, cancer came to mind for us. We knew if we were to try and raise money for something, it would be for that.

Surprisingly though, we quickly dismissed the idea altogether…

We wondered if we could raise enough money to make it worthwhile. The image of us presenting a less-than-impressive cheque to our charity of choice seemed awkward, and possibly embarrassing… So we shelved the idea.

Over the subsequent weeks, we officially signed up for the TRC and training shifted into high gear. Ken and I kept coming back to the fundraising idea though, waffling back and forth. In the end, we both came to agree that just because we aren’t a big corporately sponsored fundraising event with media dollars and marketing agencies behind us, that shouldn’t stop us from trying to do what we can.

We realized that raising some, was certainly going to be better than raising none.

In fact, in all likelihood, there is no end to the amount of money that could be raised if more people got involved with small grassroots, community fundraising initiatives. It all adds up. Not being able to hand over the giant million-dollar cheque on the 6 o’clock news shouldn’t stop anyone from trying.

Now, it is still our goal to raise a stupendous amount of money for the Canadian Cancer Society, there is no getting around that, so please dig deep and drop us an email to make a pledge.

100% of the monies raised through pledges goes to the Canadian Cancer Foundation. And, because we are an official Reach for a Cure event, all pledges of $20.00 or more qualify for a government tax receipt.

You can read more about the Canadian Cancer Society on our Reach for a Cure page, or via the link provided in this post.