Bikeridr Santa

Since Ken and I started off on this wicked-fun craziness, I’ve been looking at December as a landmark month. I wanted to have achieved a ‘solid’ level of fitness going into 2009, and I’m relieved that I think I’ve managed to do it. Of course, this is a vague assessment that I’m making, because never having trained for the Transrockies, I have no way of really knowing if I’m on track or not. But, the best way for me to describe my goal for December is to say I hoped to be in good enough shape to ‘start’ my training.

We all know what it’s like to be away from the gym for a while; there’s lots of pain, soreness and fatigue you have to fight through when you get back into it. I’ll never forget overdoing something like Bench Press, then making the mistake of telling one of your buddies that you were sore… They’d immediately poke your chest, and you’d recoil in agony. I don’t really get sore from the gym anymore – I power out first. I’m now recovering quickly from my high tempo, and long training rides as well. So from here out, I can confidently step it up going into January, increasing the intensity and duration, but also the frequency of my training.

Till now, I haven’t been able to meet my training expectations. I’ll be totally honest about that. Each week, I’d set out fully committed to three training rides, two sessions in the gym and then two days in the dojo, but rarely ever do it. I’d stumble mid-week, take a rest day, or two and then miss my targets completely – this hasn’t resulted in the kind of consistency I need if I’m going to be a Transrockies finisher. That said, here’s how December shook out:

Despite it being the holiday season, and spending a week in Ontario and then 4 days up in Bonnyville with family, I managed to get in some solid training time. I put in 12 sessions on the bike this month and nailed my riding target. I got to the gym 6 times and was in the dojo 5 times. I’m feeling healthy, strong and ready to tackle January.


  • 12 sessions on the trainer
  • 6 times in the gym
  • 5 times at the dojo
  • Made solid progress on the bike, riding consistently stronger and longer
  • Made strength gains in the gym and reduced recovery time between workouts
  • Stayed healthy and in good shape going into January


  • Missed my training targets for both the gym and the dojo:
    Should have been in the gym 8 times, but made it only 6
    Should have been in the dojo 8 times and only made 5
  • Ate like a man possessed. If it was sugary, buttery or chocolaty, I ate it, and if it was beer, wine or scotch, I drank it. Ah, tiss the season! The result though is that I put on about 6 pounds and I’m going into January at 164 lbs. I don’t imagine this will be much an issue though. It’s back to clean livin’ so I’ll probably have it burned off again by Jan 5th.