With all things considered, I think I can chalk December up as a grand success (at least as far as Decembers go). Through Christmas, a stacked work schedule and many friend/family commitments I managed to stay pretty much right on track.

As luck would have it December decided to bring some sincerely cold weather (between -28° & -38°C) and more snow than I’ve seen in a really long time. Either of these elements on their own, and I think I would have managed to stay on the bike and keep commuting to work, but instead both came at once and I decided to resign this battle to mother nature.

Naturally, with it being so freaking cold, and with piles of the white stuff outside, I had to look to other ventures to keep the blood churning, I turned primary to running. Long runs on the weekend (10-15km) and a few shorter ones during the week. With all the snow on the ground it made for an even more intense workout and probably did quite a bit to strengthen my stabilizer muscles and foot strength – Good news, I figure, since the last thing I want is a sprained ankle during a hike & bike session this summer. I was also forced to pull my trainer out of the basement.

Have I mentioned I hate my trainer?

I’m just not that guy… Gyms, trainers – I’d so much rather be outside. But sometimes, there’s just nothing that can be done. So, usually with a good movie in hand (or an episode or two of The Long Way Down) I’d grind out an hour or so on the trainer… Maybe I’ll learn to love it.

I have to admit though, now that it’s here, I’m pretty excited about the new year. I feel like Sheldon and I have really turned the corner – It’s still a long way off, but for me the countdown has officially begun. Before it was just something that I was doing “next summer”, but now the Transrockies is officially in my sights. 

Now, if we can just get rid of all this snow…


  • One of my best winter months
  • Managed to stay pretty much on track training volume-wise
  • Didn’t gain a pound over Christmas – though I did consciously moderate things


  • Training inside now