One of the biggest things weighing on my mind going into this, is how much ground I need to cover, not just to get ready for TR, but to catch up to my teammate Ken. Since he moved to Calgary, he grew a set of legs like a Clydesdale. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but there’s no getting around the fact that he’s in much better shape going into the off-season.

I knew if I was going to be smart, I needed to take a long view on my training, building up my BASE as much as possible. That will sound pretty conventional to any experienced racer; build your base through the off-season through LSD rides and strength training, then convert that to speed and power come spring with sprint and jump intervals. Boom! You’re ready to race. Well, to me, though I’ve ridden for years, this process is almost entirely new. 

Although I’d been riding steadily all season and in reasonably good fitness, Oct was all about getting used to a ramped up training frequency. I set up a spreadsheet to track and schedule my training. My plan was to ride 3 days a week, either outside on the trails (weather permitting), or indoors on the trainer. I’d include 2 days in the gym for strength training, and then add in 2 days of cross training (I’ve done Karate since I was in the 3rd grade so that fits the bill. It’s great for core work, balance, and flexibility, not to mention development of your pain threshold). My month started out alright. I didn’t over do it, lifting easy enough, and riding easy enough to keep up the sched. I’ve learned through experience, that shooting out of the gates and going too hard, too soon, just makes you intensely sore, and forces you to miss scheduled training. 


  • I rode the trainer 8 times for a total of 11 hours
  • I hit the gym 5 times 
  • I was in Dojo 10 times 
  • I listened to my body, rested when it need it and feel pretty good going into November


  • I fell far short of my planned training session frequency. I should have been on the bike 12 times, been in the gym 8 and at the dojo 8.  Lots of room for improvement going into November.