I wouldn’t say that this was a model month for me – between two holidays (one to Vegas and one to Costa Rica), one business trip (to New York), Thanksgiving, and the mercury steadily dropping all month I only managed to get about 14 hours on the bike. It’s not the type of performance I want to continue, but this month is more of an anomaly since generally I don’t go anywhere, and these were the first vacations I’ve taken in years.

On the plus side it seems as though I’m slowly winning the battle of the bulge. I’m down from my pre-season weight by 12lbs (178lbs, from 190lbs). I’m hoping to dump a few more pounds over the off-season to get me between 170-175lb by race day. Hopefully this decrease in weight will translate into either lasting longer on the bike, or easing the gravitational burden on the way up the hills.

I’ve been meaning for a while to start mixing things up – mainly getting off the bike and onto other things, and last weekend was when it happened. Kerstin coaxed me into running a 10k Thanksgiving morning, saying that depending on how I did, I could eat whatever I wanted. Overall the race went great – I finished 12 out of 26 in my age group with an official time of 51:44. Not too bad considering I hadn’t run further than a few blocks in over a year. Unfortunately the lack of training caught up to me after the race and my legs were pretty freakin’ sore for about 5 days.

Peace out for this month – as November turns I’m looking forward to mounting the lights, getting the studs on, and enjoying some nice crisp rides to work. Goals for next month included doing a bit more running, starting some strength training (I’ve got to start sometime right?), and pushing some big gears.


  • Continued to work on maintaining cadence through variable conditions
  • Got off the bike and do something else
  • Maintained endurance through the week – though I’m still finding I end up fading by Friday if I push too hard at the start of the week. I’m really hoping to get to the point where I still feel strong going into the weekend.


  • Wasn’t able to reach my goal of riding to work 75% of the time