Illness is just insult to injury

That’s what I’ve decided. Though I won’t say I’m really that injured, I pulled something in my right shoulder during a sparring match at my dojo at the beginning of the month. It’s still genuinely sore. Thankfully, this doesn’t impact my riding that much. Illness on the other hand, does. I rarely get sick. By that I mean, I get sick like once a year and it’s never that bad: cough, sneezing, runny nose, for like a day and that’s it. This November though, I was hit with something downright nasty!

Started out with sneezing and a runny nose for about 3 days. I figured, “Meh, whatever.” Then my throat got sore and I started coughing, a lot, even through the night. Needless to say I wasn’t sleeping that well at this point. That’s when everything went from bad, to worse. Now 5 days in, I was tired, weak actually, and could barely get trough my days at the office. Finally, I conceded to talking a day off from work, and then a few days later, another day off. All told I was down for the count for close to two weeks before I felt ‘mostly’ better. Thankfully I can say I’m feeling pretty good, and about 90-95%. I sincerely hope that’s the last bout of flu I see for as long as live.


  • I upped my durations on the trainer to 90min/session. Also increased tension
  • I managed to get into the gym 8 times and met my two per week target. Also added weight across the board to all my leg exercises including: leg press, leg extensions, hamstring curls, and calve raises. That’s two months in a row I’ve made solid gains in the gym. Leg strength is definitely improved from end of 07 season


  • Got sick 
  • Only rode the trainer 10 times for a total of 14 hours (and some of those rides we pretty low intensity)
  • Only got into the dojo 5 times all month

I can’t afford another month like this. That’s for sure. Here’s lookin’ to December!