A dismal month to say the least!

Well, on a bike-specific front if I had to categorize my performance over November into one word, that word would be FAIL!

I really got a sense this month for how much “real life” can get in the way of things… I was in Costa Rica until the 12th, where no cycling occurred, and upon my return home my body promptly decided to get sick. Really it was just a blown out cold, but I honestly don’t think I had been that sick since junior high. Since bouncing back was my main concern, I kept off the bike for a few days until I started feeling better. As my snowballing month would have it, things got pretty overwhelming at work – early mornings, late nights, carrying computers back and forth – frustrating to say the least.

So yeah… Here it is, November 30th and I have yet to get on the bike this month.

Fear not though, despite my tough month (and all my lame excuses ;-) ), the month wasn’t a complete write off. My wife and I were pretty active everyday on our trip, from simply walking around town all day, to waterfall/volcano hikes, to full days of surfing – I’m fairly certain that though I wasn’t on the bike, I at least slowed or limited any fitness loss (at least I hope so!). When I got home I hadn’t gained any weight, so I’d imagine that’s a good sign. I was also able to toss in a handful of runs in the last two weeks of the month (4 x ~10k).


  • Stayed active despite being on vacation, and didn’t gain a pound.
  • Despite being off the bike was still active in other areas.


  • Umm… Didn’t touch the bike once all month… Even as I type this I have trouble believing it.