Though this may not be a racing-specific gear entry per-se, I ran across these pants on the Cordarounds site and thought it was a pretty smart idea – especially in latitudes like Calgary where this time of year, we’re all pretty much in the dark of night both on the way to work and on the way home.

From the Cordarounds site:

Bike pants make for silly work pants, and vice versa. So we set out to design a product for commuters that functioned equally well at both.

The gist of it is this, on the outside, BikeToWorkPants are sharp looking kahkis, suitable for any work-casual dress code – The inside the pant, however, is where the magic happens. Using fabrics like Illuminite Teflon and 3M Scotchlite to line the inner pantcuffs and rear pockets the BikeToWorkPants transform into effective, reflective commuting attire.

Cordarounds outline four ‘riding styles’ into which you can configure your pants: “The Racing Stripe”, “The Supernova”, “The Fireman”, and “The Mud Flap”. Now I’m not sure that the ways in which you can configure you pants warrants a snappy name, but I definitely think they’re onto something here. Since the majority of downtown commuters I know are looking to carry the least amount of gear possible and a change of clothes is definitely out of the question, the BikeToWorkPants are a tremendously viable option. Obviously, inclement weather rules something like this out, but for short commutes in dry conditions, you’d be off the bike at at your desk happily working away in 30 seconds flat.

Not your every day khakis

Not your every day khakis